Principal searcher: Thiago Gumiere
Sector: Agrifood
Budget: 300 000,00 $

Start date: 01 July 2023 End date: 30 June 2025

To improve crop yields, the farmer and the agronomist base themselves on the chemical and physical analyzes of the soil and will adjust the inputs to be applied accordingly. Soil is a living ecosystem, rich in microfauna, bacteria and fungi, with specific functions necessary for growth. Good soil health practices can improve the general life of the soil, but it can happen that certain functions are deficient, given a low population of certain bacteria. This project aims to develop a tool to assess the genetic potential of a soil linked to specific functions, and to assess whether a correction can be made by adding targeted inoculants. Such a tool would make it possible to complement conventional soil analyzes with a genomic analysis based on defined functions. The producer would then have the choice to intervene specifically to fill the newly identified deficient functions.

Under a sustainable agriculture aspect, this project would make it possible to limit agricultural inputs by optimizing the use of the resources already present and by optimizing the use fertilizers by plant. 

Genome Centre: Génome Québec


Martin Trépanier – Premier Tech