Graphic standards

Génome Québec Graphic Standards Guide (French only) was developed to adapt to various print, digital and multimedia applications.

The management of Génome Québec’s corporate identity is under the responsibility of the Vice President, Strategic Development and Public Affairs.

Horizontal identity (for use with other horizontal logos)

Vertical identity (for use with other vertical logos)

Pour obtenir l’identité horizontale et verticale au format EPS, veuillez communiquer au

Génome Québec’s social media best practices guide

Are you interested in science, in genetic sequencing techniques or simply in genomics? Welcome to you!

Génome Québec is pleased to welcome you to its various digital platforms. You’ve come to the right place to find out about and exchange information on what’s happening in genomics in Québec and elsewhere in the world. Whether on our website, our Facebook, TwitterLinkedInInstagram pages or our YouTube channel, we rely on your best judgment (whether scientific or not!) to show courtesy and respect in your contributions.

We’d like to hear from you. Exchanges and comments enrich and diversify the discussions on our digital platforms.

In order to promote harmonious exchanges on our digital platforms, please take note of our guide to good practice:

  • Any comments that are defamatory, sexist, racist, or otherwise discriminatory, aggressive, abusive or partisan, or that violate the privacy of others (personal telephone number, e-mail address, private conversation, etc.), are prohibited and will be deleted without notice. Comments deemed insulting or offensive will also be deleted without notice.
  • If it is brought to Génome Québec’s attention that photos, images or words are posted on one of its digital platforms and that this contravenes the Copyright Act, they will be deleted without notice.
  • THE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS IN A MESSAGE IS CONSIDERED A SHOUT. A comment will be just as valid and much more pleasant to read if it is written in lower case.
  • Please keep your interactions relevant to the subject at hand. It is forbidden to share advertisements promoting sites whose authenticity or credibility we cannot verify. The addition of hyperlinks to other sites is authorized, if the content is related to the topics discussed and comes from a verifiable and reliable source. Important: Génome Québec is not responsible for the content of external sites.


We offer the best resources and viewpoints on topics related to our research areas, just contact our public relations department at email.

General public

For technical questions or specific information about genomics, we invite you to browse our website.


Génome Québec’s digital platforms are managed by the Strategic Development and Public Affairs Department. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by e-mail at

Génome Québec reserves the right to delete any content that does not comply with the above conditions, to ban a user or even to modify its rules of use at any time and without prior notice.

If you violate Netiquette, your content will be rejected and your account may be suspended or blocked. Génome Québec reserves the right at any time not to open a forum for a given subject, to close a forum without notice and to refuse to publish any content deemed inappropriate.