Génome Québec: an employer of choice!

Génome Québec is a private, not-for-profit organization that supports the genomics sector by funding major research initiatives. Our organization contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of genomics, and is in need of qualified personnel seeking to distinguish themselves through excellence in the field of genomics.

The organization is recognized as a reference center for genomics in Quebec, and for the performance of its innovation-driven research centers. It offers a work environment based on best research practices, and a stimulating environment for those wishing to work alongside internationally renowned researchers.

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Careers at Génome Québec

Aware that its development and growth depend fundamentally on the strengths, skills and involvement of its employees, Génome Québec relies on the expertise, talent and commitment of its staff. Our organization therefore strives to maintain a stimulating and enriching professional environment, as well as a pleasant and respectful workplace. Various initiatives and programs are in place to encourage career development and the development of employee skills.

Génome Québec offers :

  • Competitive compensation
  • Attractive fringe benefits
  • Stimulating working conditions that encourage work/life balance

Teams at the heart of our success

The success of Génome Québec is due to the commitment and hard work of our employees. That’s why we’re looking for people who are passionate, curious and motivated by challenges, and who have a strong team spirit.

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