What is genomics?

Without knowing it, you probably already know a little about genomics. For example, you have probably heard about DNA and genes in the media. You are probably aware that you have inherited many of the traits of your ancestors. These traits are dictated by our genes and organized in our cells in the form of chromosomes. Genomics is all about that and much more!

laboratoire virtuel - Virtual laboratory

Have you ever visited a genomics laboratory?

For the first time in Canada, Génome Québec is opening the doors of its Centre d’expertise et de services.

Technological services

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We offer the expertise, the follow-up and the supervision necessary for the success of your projects.
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Educational space

This platform is designed for people who are curious about nature, from 7 to 117 years old! It presents the basic concepts of genetics, as well as introducing the more advanced notions of genomics.