Secteur : Agriculture et bioproduits

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Agriculture and food processing is the third largest industrial sector in Canada, generating more than $100 billion in annual economic activity. Canola, from which an edible oil and animal feed are produced, is a prime example of an economically important crop.

This project is focusing on gaining a greater understanding of the genes involved in seed development and seed composition with the aim of improving or developing canola varieties.

With respect to seed development, research will lead to seeds that tolerate heat better, mature more rapidly and which have thinner coats and therefore higher commercial value.

Research on seed composition will identify seeds which: accumulate higher levels of valuable oils or proteins; contain specific proteins, fats or carbohydrates; boast higher levels of micro-nutrients; enjoy lower levels of anti-nutritional compounds; or which develop novel compounds of commercial value. Overall, this project will provide information for producing canola with increased value.

This project builds on the work and expertise of the Plant Biotechnology Institute (National Research Council) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centres.

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