GE3LS is the study of the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects of genomics.

Génome Québec’s vision is to develop strategic and integrative GE3LS studies that focus on:

  • public policy;
  • knowledge transfer;
  • risk management;
  • socioeconomic benefits;
  • provincial, national and international dimensions of these aspects.

At Génome Québec, there are large-scale GE3LS projects as well as integrated GE3LS research within scientific projects.

Aside from large-scale and integrated research, Génome Québec has developed a number of initiatives to develop and promote GE3LS:

  • Development of a GE3LS scientists Québec network
  • Development of knowledge transfer events for the different players involved in the research, application or use of the spin-offs of genomics (forums, workshops, seminars, etc.)

To learn more on GE3LS research, contact:
Caroline Telekawa, Program Manager, Scientific Affairs
514 398-0668, ext. 207