Congratulations to professors David M. Secko of Concordia University and Michel Dorval of Université Laval, who will be supported by a joint initiative of Genome Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in social sciences and humanities research and related activities pertaining to research in the field of genomics.

This allotment has been revealed this morning by the Minister of Science, the Honourable Kristy Duncan, as part of a major funding announcement by the SSHRC, that will support 3344 research projects throughout Canada and abroad.


Selected Quebec projects : 

Communicating synthetic biology:  deliberative strategies for addressing emergent biohype about living devices

Principal Researcher: David M. Secko, Concordia University


Préférences sociétales concernant la divulgation des découvertes fortuites issues de la génomique clinique : Perspectives de patients atteints de cancer et de la population générale

Principal Researcher : Michel Dorval, Université Laval


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