Génome Québec and the QNPHC are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Health Education England (HEE) of the United Kingdom, to develop a specialized training in genomics for healthcare professionals. 

Daniel Coderre, President and CEO of Génome Québec, and Daniel Bouthillier, Chief Executive Officer of the Quebec Network for Personalized Health Care (QNPHC), are pleased to announce that a tripartite agreement has been reached with Health Education England (HEE), who work across England to deliver high-quality education and training for the health and health care workforce.

This international partnership will provide Québec with access to the recognized expertise of the United Kingdom, a pioneer in the development of training and education tools in the area of genomics and precision medicine. Génome Québec and the QNPHC have obtained translation and distribution rights for an introductory training program in genomics pertaining to its current impact in clinical practice and its influence on the future of health care.

“The genomics revolution has led to more personalized health care, improved prediction and better disease prevention. To continue down this path, we need to actively work on training both the professionals of today and those of tomorrow by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need. Forward-looking countries such as the United Kingdom came to this conclusion early and implemented strategies and mechanisms to embrace the social shift. Québec, too, must join the international effort: training our health professionals in genomics is one of the cornerstones of its successful integration into our health care system. Given this backdrop, we are extremely proud of this collaborative agreement with the United Kingdom, since it will help us to learn from their tremendous experience in the delivery of specialized training and education in genomics,” said Daniel Coderre, President and CEO of Génome Québec. 

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