The renowned researcher received yesterday the prestigious Léo-Pariseau Award, during the 73rd Acfas Gala, an event dedicated to the recognition of excellence in francophone research. 

The Léo-Pariseau Award celebrates a researcher’s excellence and the outreach of his work and actions in the fields of biological science or health science. 

Most cancers are not hereditary, but there has long been suspicions that a genetic component predisposes certain people to the illness. In this field, Pr. Simard’s work has led to the discovery of two predisposition genes for ovarian and breast cancers. It is important to note that these cancers, arising from a genetic mutation in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, are particularly precocious and devastating and can affect many members of the same family. 

The discovery of these susceptibility genes has allowed the development of an internationally used screening test for predisposition to ovarian and breast cancers. 

In addition to oncogenetics, it is important to underline Pr. Simard’s contribution in molecular endocrinology, particularly regarding the action and biosynthesis of steroidal hormones that play a decisive role in the regulation and growth of target tissues in breast and prostate tumours. 

Génome Québec congratulates Pr. Simard, a member of its genomics research community, for this major recognition. 

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