Génome Québec would like to congratulate Alex Parker and Éric Samarut, researchers at the Centre de recherche du CHUM, who have received funding under the Genomics Integration Program – Human Health. Their project will be carried out in partnership with Modelis, a Québec-based biotechnology company. This innovative project integrating artificial intelligence and omics data aims to accelerate the discovery of new drugs for rare genetic diseases and drastically reduce the costs of pre-clinical studies.

This program funds partnerships between academic researchers and users who can implement or commercialize research results in order to bring a technology to maturity. This initiative is also intended as a lever to access larger-scale funding. Considering that in the health sector, many companies (SMEs, start-ups) have difficulty obtaining seed funding, which hinders their ability to develop proof of concept, such a program is a very interesting alternative.


To read the funded project sheet, click here.