Thanks to his expertise and innovative approach, Dr. Michel G. Bergeron again distinguishes himself among the best in Canada with a project whose economic repercussions will certainly be considerable.

Génome Québec is pleased to announce the funding of a Québec project which will allow for the development of a new test to rapidly diagnose infections. Funded as part of Genome Canada’s Genomic Application Partnership Program (GAPP), this 5.7 million dollar project (of which 14% stems from the ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation) is jointly led by Dr. Michel G. Bergeron of Université Laval and Patrice Allibert of GenePOC Inc.

We take this opportunity to recognize the exceptional leadership that GenePOC’s management has shown since its beginnings. It is with such partnership models that Québec can maximize the transformational power of genomics, and thus significantly contribute to the well-being of its population and to the country’s economy.

Patrice Allibert, GenePOC inc.
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