A showcase for Québec’s life sciences researchers

Marc LePage, President and CEO of Génome Québec, is pleased to announce the official launch of a new Website that offers the general public information about genomics and the work done by Québec genomics researchers.

Since 2001, Génome Québec and its partners have invested more than 500 million dollars in genomics research and technology. According to Marie-Kym Brisson, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, “We want to tell Quebeckers about the major accomplishments being made right here in our province, as there is so much to be proud of! Yet, when I talk about genomics, the reaction I get is: geno… what? That has to change”, she said with a big smile. “The life sciences sector is undergoing a transformation; our mandate is to raise public awareness of the accomplishments in genomics and their practical applications. The issues and related hope they inspire matter to us all”, she concluded.

Purpose of the Website

“… the site will provide a window onour research activities and work”, stated John MacKay, a forestry genomics researcher at Université Laval. “It is aimed at anyone who has an interest in the developments of genomics research and its applications in the areas of health, forestry and the environment, as well as students and journalists who want to know more about what is currently happening in the industry”, he added.

Along with MacKay, several other researchers have agreed to present the results of their work using clear and accessible language. Information capsules will be uploaded to the site regularly.


Did you know?

  • In less than two years, a researcher discovered the mutation responsible for one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer…See the capsule
  • Genes for a number of rare diseases were discovered in Québec. A screening test has been developed that is the only one of its kind in the world…See the capsule
  • A Québec research team has developed a green technology, thanks to a study on the genes of microorganisms that interact with plants to decontaminate soil…See the capsule


Have you heard of personalized medicine? Visit our Website to learn more! And if you think the word “genomics” is intriguing, you’ll find an entire universe to discover to help you better understand the mechanisms that govern the world of living organisms.

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About Génome Québec

Since May 2000, Génome Québec has been the driving force behind the development of genomics in Québec. By supporting over 60 projects and 750 researchers and managing the operations of the McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre, Génome Québec is helping to accelerate the discovery of new applications for genomics in strategic areas, such as human health, forestry and the environment.

The funds invested by Génome Québec are provided by the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade of Québec (MDEIE), the Government of Canada through Genome Canada and private partners.

À propos de Génome Québec

Depuis mai 2000, Génome Québec est le maître d’œuvre du développement de la génomique au Québec. En appuyant plus de 60 projets, 750 chercheurs et en assurant la gestion des opérations du Centre d’innovation Génome Québec et Université McGill, Génome Québec contribue à accélérer la découverte de nouvelles applications dans des secteurs stratégiques tels la santé, la foresterie et l’environnement.

Les fonds investis par Génome Québec proviennent du ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation du Québec (MDEIE), du gouvernement du Canada par l’entremise de Génome Canada et de partenaires privés.

 Enjoy exploring www.genomequebec.com


For more information:
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Public Relations Advisor
Génome Québec
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