Génome Québec and Université Laval are proud to announce the launch of Genovalia, the very first centre dedicated to the production, processing and exploitation of non-human genomic data in Québec. This initiative will create value by building on the synergy between artificial intelligence and genomic data in sectors such as agrifood, forestry and environmental sciences.

“To lay the groundwork for Genovalia, Génome Québec invested $500,000 over the last year. This innovative approach involving artificial intelligence and genomic data, in fields other than health, will allow us to optimize this investment to benefit Québec society. The synergy will propel scientific research by making use of a huge volume of complex data, and this will ultimately serve as a catalyst for Québec innovation and boost our competitiveness both in Canada and internationally”, said Daniel Coderre, President and CEO, Génome Québec.

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