Discover how genomics can help to preserve a clean, safe and sustainable environment through the development of technologies to monitor and manage the impacts of humans, climate change, and invasive species on our environment.

Our team will regularly feature a video on the impact of genomics in key sectors of Québec’s economy. Next to come, the energy sector.

The environment is full of living organisms. So it’s not surprising that genomics can play a role. By studying the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms such as bacteria, we can help to develop better systems for things like biomonitoring, bioremediation.

For example, using genomics, researchers have developed a process to determine which organisms are present in a pond or stream, highly valuable in assessing the health of an ecosystem. This advanced detection method is more precise than traditional monitoring methods and cost less.

Also, some microbes thrive in toxic environments and can play an important role in remediation. Canadian researchers cultivated a community of naturally-occurring microbes that can safely clean up sites contaminated with toxic chlorinated solvents. In one setting, 98% of the chemicals were remediated in less than six months!