Génome Québec welcomes the decision by the Federal Government to grant $237.2 million to Genome Canada

Génome Québec is pleased with the decision by Justin Trudeau’s government to grant $237.2 million to Genome Canada in support of genomics researchers and promising scientific breakthroughs. With this initiative, the Federal Government is sending a clear message to the public and the scientific community about the importance of genomics for society and the Canadian economy. We welcome the return of science and innovation on the Federal Government’s political agenda.

The fact that genomics is recognized by the Federal Government strengthens Génome Québec’s positioning within the Québec ecosystem. It is excellent news, as it ensures continuity in genomics funding and allows for better long-term planning. This new funding will support the launch of a new Canadian genomics competition – an opportunity for Québec researchers to distinguish themselves among the best. Within the context of the discussions in Québec about science and innovation, this constitutes a major asset that will contribute to stimulate the life science sector.

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