Montréal, October 16, 2013 – Génome Québec welcomes the National Research and Innovation Policy (PNRI) announced by the Québec Government. The policy is a major step forward in the government’s vision and support of research and innovation, since it now places the sector at the centre of its economic strategy.

The approach reflects the changes that have taken place in recent years and indicates a new collective awareness of the value and major benefits stemming from investments in research and innovation. Thirteen years ago, Québec made the decision to promote the advancement of genomic research, a sector which at the end of the 90s was still underdeveloped. Today, we are pleased to note all the major breakthroughs being made by our researchers. In fact, genomics has moved out of the lab and closer to patients and society through the development of new applications.

Research here in Québec, particularly in life and health sciences, has now gained international renown. Québec now ranks among the 10 leading scientific hubs in North America, a position it plans to maintain. 

The government has identified personalized health care, forestry, sustainable development and bio-food as some of the research and innovation sectors of strategic importance. “We are enthusiastic about the government’s choices of strategic areas, especially since Génome Québec, in its most recent strategic plan, identified these very same sectors as key research areas to be developed. We plan on working closely with our partners and the government to ensure Québec’s leadership position in innovation and to make genomics the jewel of our society,” said Marc LePage, Génome Québec’s President and CEO.

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