Génome Québec will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020.

To mark the occasion, we are pleased to present our new logo.

The logo was developed by taking the double helix, which is used to depict Génome Québec, and dividing it in two. Both halves were then placed side by side to form the number “20” in Roman numerals.

The ends of the X melt into the background suggesting that there is much more to be discovered. You may also have noticed the use of the 4 colours that represent Génome Québec’s areas of activity: health, agrifood, environment and forestry. Each colour gradually blends into the next to illustrate how knowledge is shared from one sector to the next.


This logo sparks curiosity, raises questions and stimulates the thirst for knowledge that is so essential to science. It points to what we want in the future: to shed more and more light on the as yet unexplored areas of genomics.

Some will no doubt recognize the chromosomes in the typical X shape they take on during cellular division. Others may also note the use of Roman numerals as a nod to the Latin roots of our province and to the fact that French is our language of choice when producing scientific knowledge.

We would like to warmly thank all the team at 32MARS for their creativity and audacity in creating this logo.