On April 25, DNA Day commemorates the discovery of DNA’s double helix in April 1953, as well as the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003.

For the occasion, Génome Québec’s team gathered for a photoshoot with brand new I am genomics! T-shirts, a reference to Ready for genomics?a unique participatory conference that was held March 20 to discuss the challenges raised by the integration of genomics in our healthcare system. 

Jour de l'ADN - Génome Québec 2 Jour de l'ADN - Génome Québec 3 

Yesterday, we also presented a panel at EFFERVESCENCE, an event bringing together the actors of life sciences and health technologies in Québec. Hosted by scientific communicator Michel Rochon, Demystify CRISPR brought together Québec experts in various fields to discuss the many hopes and fears raised by this disruptive technology. 

 Panel CRISPR-Effervescence

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