Daniel Coderre, President and CEO of Génome Québec, would like to congratulate Ms. Mona Nemer on her appointment as Canada’s new Chief Science Advisor.

The announcement, made yesterday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, confirmed that Ms. Nemer’s role will be to promote science and its real benefits for Canadians: new knowledge, innovative technologies and advanced skills for future jobs.

Daniel Coderre is pleased with the news and welcomes this action by the Government of Canada, which clearly demonstrates its commitment to strengthening the role of science and supporting the vital work of our scientists across the country.

“Mona Nemer is a distinguished scientist with a solid reputation. She has a keen grasp of the current issues in science, not to mention an excellent understanding of genomics research and its potential for providing sustainable solutions in the areas of health, agrifood, forestry and the environment. Mona Nemer will be a strong voice for science in Canada and abroad. I look forward to working with her and wish her every success in her new position,” said Mr. Coderre.

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