Génome Québec issued a statement this morning about the vice presidency of Scientific Affairs of the organization. We invite you to read the news.

Montréal, November 18, 2015 – Marc LePage, President and CEO of Génome Québec, announced today that Catalina López Correa will be stepping down as Vice President, Scientific Affairs as of December 31, 2015.

Ms. López Correa joined the Génome Québec team in July 2008 as director of scientific affairs and, only one year later, was appointed to the position of vice president. Upon taking office, she successfully tackled many challenges, including the implementation of a new style of project management focused on researcher accompaniment. Thanks to her energy and leadership, Génome Québec made its mark at the 2012 personalized health competition by securing 60% of the national funding available – an unprecedented performance not only for Québec, but for other Canadian provinces as well.

“Catalina put together a team of seasoned managers in our four areas of activity – health, agrifood, forestry and sustainable development. During her tenure, she rose to every challenge with determination and drive. Her energy, enthusiasm and dedication will be missed. We wish her only the best in her new endeavours,” Mr. LePage said.

For family reasons, Ms. López Correa will be leaving Québec for British Columbia. She has accepted the position of Vice President Sector Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Genome British Columbia and, as such, will be staying within the Canadian “Genomics Enterprise” family. She will remain a valuable ally for Québec, particularly in the area of interprovincial collaborations.

“I am sad to be leaving Génome Québec and Québec, too. Quebecers opened their doors to me and gave me the opportunity to pursue my professional development in a stimulating, competitive environment. I will always remember fondly the energy and passion of the people here and the extraordinary team I had the privilege of working with for the last eight years,” Ms. López Correa explained.

Marc LePage, the management team and the members of the board would all like to thank her for her service and dedication over the years. As of January 2016, Stéphanie Lord-Fontaine, Senior Program Manager, will be filling the position on an interim basis. The selection process for a new vice president of scientific affairs is already underway.

About Génome Québec

Since May 2000, Génome Québec has been the driving force behind the development of genomics in Québec. By supporting over 80 projects and 900 researchers and managing the operations of the McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre, Génome Québec is helping to accelerate the discovery of new applications for genomics in strategic areas, such as personalized health care, forestry, sustainable development and agrifood. The funds invested by Génome Québec are provided by the ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations du Québec, the Government of Canada, through Genome Canada, and private partners.

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