Montréal, February 28, 2023 – It is with great pleasure that Génome Québec, Ataxia Canada, and Muscular Dystrophy Canada join forces to create a funding program for research on hereditary ataxias.

This partnership will not only mobilize the research community in the field, but also undertake a co-development approach in collaboration with foundations representing people affected by ataxia. This alliance will thus contribute to the democratization of research while increasing public awareness of ataxias.


“We look forward to this partnership and program with great optimism. Genomics has great potential in the context of developing new therapies. The use of gene information can help identify more promising targets for new drugs, speed up the treatment of people with the right therapy and reduce research and development costs.”

Stéphanie Lord-Fontaine, Vice-President, Scientific Affairs at Génome Québec

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