Genomics research in the fields of health and the environment is constantly evolving. The scientific advances are numerous and the results are increasingly promising. Visit Génome Québec’s multimedia gallery to view informative videos.

FastTRAC II – Partnerships

Mission eDNA : citizen science and genomics to the rescue of the environment

Prof. Sylvain Moineau (Université Laval) explains the CRISPR technology

Vox Pop What is genomics?

Génome Québec salutes Québec researchers

From cell to DNA

When the infinitely small generates big possibilities

If science saves lives, can we do without it?

Genomics and the bioeconomy

Discover how genomics lead to solutions in many sectors, including human health, the environment, agrifood and forestry.

Towards a Sustainable Fishery for Nunavummiut: A Genomics Solution

“A family curse” warded off by Canadian genomics research

Is genomics a solution for saving the bees?

A project with co-researchers from Université Laval, Nicolas Derome and Valérie Fournier

15 years of genomics!

Visit the microsite developed by Génome Québec to celebrate 15 years of genomics research – Here’s a brief look

Genomics and agriculture – for competitive and innovative products

Genomics – for accurate, timely and effective solutions in health care

Discover how genomic research contributes to sustainable development

Members of Génome Québec Management Team present their vision of genomics in Québec

Génome Québec would like to commend the excellence of Québec researchers!

Excellent presentation on the Genomics Revolution

Catalina Lopez Correa, CSO and Vice President, Sectors, Genome British Columbia – TEDx HEC Montréal – June 2013 conference

Presentation on a microscopic mushroom  – Pr. Mohamed Hijri, Université de Montréal

Finding the culprit behind lactic acidosis

In 1999, Pierre Lavoie undertook a worthy challenge: to pedal 600 km, day and night, in order to raise awareness and research funds for lactic acidosis, a disease that had taken two of his four children. For Pierre, it was time to act. A research team headed by Dr. John D. Rioux shared his enthusiasm. Their goal was to find the gene responsible for lactic acidosis (in French)

Génome Québec

Génome Québec celebrates its 10th anniversary

 Presentation of the Public Population Project in Genomics (P³G)

McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Center

Bob Klein’s

(California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) presentation at BioContact in Québec City on October 4, 2012