Principal searcher: Saji George Suha Jabaji
Sector: Agrifood
Budget: 221 600,00 $

Start date: 01 July 2023 End date: 30 June 2025

The project aims at using genomic tools to identify the mode of action of a newly generated agrochemical product derived from Bacillus velenzensis strain OB9. This bacterium was found to produce novel biochemicals (lipopeptides and secondary metabolites) highly valuable for plant protection and growth. Collaborative research with BioSun showed that using clay nanomaterials could enhance the shelf life of the bioactive compounds and the field test showed improvement in growth and productivity of tomato and yellow beans. However, the mechanism of action of this product (nOB9) is not completely understood. The use of genomic tools will allow deeper understanding on how this product improves the soil microbial community to the benefit of crops (yellow beans and lettuce) and its effect on the expression of plant genes responsible for plant growth, protection against pathogens and abiotic stress. Besides, this project will also optimize scale up process of bacteria fermentation and identify the best application mode and optimal concentration of active agents.

Farmers and society at large will benefit from a reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers and the R&D and commercialization, activities will have significant economic benefits both at the regional and provincial levels.

Genome Centre: Génome Québec


Jamil Samsatly – BioSun Products inc.