Budget: 13 486 784,00 $

Start date: 01 April 2013 End date: 31 March 2017

A revolutionary approach to improve the effectiveness of hematological cancer immunotherapy

Each year, some 16,000 adults and children alike are diagnosed with a hematological cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma, which represents 10 percent of all cancers in Canada. Approximately 50 percent of patients develop resistance to chemotherapy. In such cases, the only treatment currently available is bone marrow cell transplantation (immunotherapy), an approach with limited effectiveness and a high risk of rejection.


The project aims to make major strides towards improving the effectiveness of immunotherapy used to treat chemo-resistant cancer by reducing six-fold the rejection rate and developing a targeted lymphocyte transplant strategy with greater cancer-fighting ability.

Overall, the innovations stemming from this project will lead to significant gains in
life-years, an estimated value of $1.6 billion.


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Co-applicants and End-users:

Pierre Thibault IRIC, Université de Montréal
Silvy Lachance Canadian Blood and Marrow Transplant Group
Sébastien Lemieux IRIC, Université de Montréal
Jean-Sébastien Délisle FRQS
Jean Lachaine INESSS
Anick Dubois Cepmed
Katherine Bonter Cepmed
Lambert Busque Université de Montréal
Marc Lussier Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
William Brock Patient representative
Tim Smith Octane Biotech
Manfred Rüdiger Kiadis-Pharma, The Netherlands
Muriel Amar Patient representative
Ronan Foley McMaster University
Marco Decelles Héma-Québec
François-Thomas Michaud Feldan Bio inc.