Our Mission

Génome Québec’s mission is to catalyze the development and excellence of genomics research, its integration, and democratization. As a cornerstone of Quebec’s bioeconomy, the organization also contributes to social and sustainable development, as well as the promotion of Quebec.

Our Vision

The innovations arising from genomics will improve healthcare delivery, agri-food, environmental and forestry practices, as well as public policies.

Our Values

Excellence is reflected in our employees’ commitment to being recognized as the benchmark for quality. To achieve this, we carry out our work remarkably at all levels and at all times.

Openness is manifested through transparency, listening, flexibility, and the commitment of all our employees, who work in a coordinated effort towards a common goal.

Creativity is demonstrated by each individual’s ability to innovate in the search for solutions, as well as individual and organizational efficiency in action.

Integrity is expressed through our employees’ willingness to conduct themselves in a fair and honest manner, respecting both their personal and organizational values.

Ethics are reflected in ensuring that research is conducted within an ethical framework and is acceptable to society as a whole. This also involves sound risk management and governance rules.