Génome Québec is proud to launch its brand new online education platform for high school students.

Génome Québec firmly believes in the importance of focusing on education as a way of presenting the progress being made in genomics research and answering the questions raised by this promising technology.

Thanks to the platform, high school students can learn the basic concepts of genetics and genomics through easy to understand articles, interactive images and amazing 3D videos. They can also explore how these disruptive technologies are used in many different areas such as health, agrifood, forestry and the environment.

Teachers can also access a variety of free activities, including the DNA Kit: Crime scene, a workshop presented by Let’s Talk Science volunteers to introduce students to laboratory techniques used in DNA manipulation.

To meet the needs of schools, all educational contents and activities have been developed with teachers and educational consultants, with the support of scientific teams. 


Click here to explore the Génome Québec Education Platform


Génome Québec has also produced the following 3D animation that will take you to the heart of DNA, where you can discover the beauty of the infinitely small.